Spring 2018 Fashion That I Hate

As seen on the runway, spring 2018 fashion trends that I really just do not understand.
I would never, ever claim to be a "stylish" person. I certainly try to be somewhat on trend, but I'm realizing that I more or less have developed a uniform that works for me. That more or less serves me well as I aim for a more classic look.

Nevertheless each season I find myself looking to see what is currently "in." Each season I also manage to find some things that make me laugh out loud because I find them so absurd.

Queue the thumping music and the lights on the runway as we explore the trends that make me wonder, what the hell the designer were thinking and / or smoking.


Specifically these rubber, platform crocs. I'm pretty sure not even the Spice Girls would be able to rock a pair of these and I'm also fairly certain that the "gasps" mentioned in the linked article were completely out of horror. Crocs are more along the lines of fetch than Laney Boggs. They will never be cool.

Transparent Bags

Please direct your attention to the third photo on the attached link. You have to look closely or you may miss the fact that this man is holding a briefcase. This bag makes me think a couple of things.

First, do you think the designer really enjoys the story of The Emperor's New Clothes? Secondly, would you be able to keep your laptop in this briefcase when you go through airport security? Finally, is this why panty liners with fancy wraps were invented?


I hate jumpsuits for the same reason I hate one-piece bathing suits;  I don't want my top half to be cold while using the restroom. This jumpsuit looks like a complete nightmare to use the restroom in. I'm guessing it involves a back zipper. Does it also come with an assistant to help you in and out of it?

Not in my closet.

In all seriousness there are some elements showing up in Spring 2018 fashion that make me excited. I love some fringe, florals, and pastels. Here's to hoping my go-to fast fashion suppliers do all of those three well in the upcoming seasons.

Be honest, how many of you have a jumpsuit?


  1. Couldn't wait to read this post! Fashion is SO strange. There is very little on the runway that I can imagine wearing.
    -Kristen //

    1. Right?! I'm glad I'm not the only one! I swear each season I just find myself scratching my head more and more. WHO is buying and wearing this stuff?! hahaha


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