3 Things February Taught Me

February Lessons

Another month has come and gone. For whatever reason, this month never feels quite as short as it actually is. Anyone else feel like it has a tendency to drag? As ready as I am to be one month closer to summer I'm grateful that I had this February to learn the following:

It's okay to not be on the go all of the time.

I'm so much more aware of the passing of time these days. I think it's because with each day that passes I see my babies growing up right before my eyes. Seeing those changes often puts me in a panic because I need to do all the things and create all of the memories! 

I have been trying to take us on weekly adventures, but am also trying to learn to slow down and just enjoy one another right here at home. I'm so jealous of those people, like my husband, who can just be still and do nothing for a moment. Even when I try I feel my mind pulling in a million different directions.

Teachers. They're just like us!

Respect of authority figures was drilled into me at a young age, and it has had some lingering effects. In my mind I know that my daughter's teacher is younger than me and a normal person but there is also that thought in my mind that she is this unapproachable authority figure. It's a weird dichotomy. 

All this to say that spotted my daughter's teacher in the wild at a  hip hop class. We got along really well and I feel like we could totally be friends, yet feel that I should probably refrain until my child is no longer in her class, right? Conflict of interest and all? Or is it different because my child is in Pre-K and technically they don't earn grades?

Be selective in what you keep in your home.

We made the mistake of using our basement for storing the random junk that came our way and all of the baby clothes. Well now we actually need to use the basement, so we have to go through all that we have accumulated over the past 4 years. 

This all could have been avoided had we just been a little bit proactive. Now it's this big, emotional process. 

What was the biggest lesson you learned this month?

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